Monday, January 12, 2009

Guess who's Bazaaack......
Its the Year of the SLUM!!

Guess who's Bazaack...
It's been about three weeks ... But I'm back people with more info.., I've really been working hard on the new slum album that's almost done ... It's coming together so quickly that it's scary, but it's right.. We pulled a lot of favors, called almost everybody I could think of to get this album done on time. I feel like this time,with this album it's all or nothing.... Thanks to fans, friends, and the doubters (always got to thank the haters for inspiration) something special is about to drop...but I still have a small problem ... We have  no title!!!... So that's where y'all come in... Help us with your suggestions.. We're listening... The greater the pool of ideas, the better you never know...If we use your title, you'll get special recognition on album and a chance to come out and kick it with Slum, VIP at concert near you...Let's hear those ideas...Peace and Luv, 3 out
Take a peak below...


Hubert said...

How about "For Yo' Monkey Ass?" LOL

I was thinking since Baatin is officially back in the group:
Family Ties
It's Been A Long Time
Detroit Voltron

Governor Slugwell said...

Since you pulled all the strings on this one how about:
"It Takes A Village!"

Governor Slugwell said...


Holla At Ya Boy!

djprojects. said...

nothing more needed. Detroit has this renaissance thing going much happening.

tianamandrigues said...

What up Slum??!? lol Tell RJ get those drums ready...bout to beat on them! ha! I didn't see them in the corner, movin things? Can't wait to hear all the newness...i already love what I heard so far. Love yall!! Tiana

Johnathan said...

This would be easier with a new track to go off of. You know, to cook a name that would properly define the album.

First Donut of the Dawn
The J-88/The Jay-88
Motor City

Mack Nick said...

Whaaaat! I can't even contain the excitement! When you reach LDN, UK I'm there no doubt!!

I was thinking, seeing as Tin is back you could tie it up to one of y'all past tracks about the Slum Fam, and call it 313.Reunion or The Return of Mack Nick.

Got a question though 3, will Illa J be featuring on the album at all?

goodblahgood said...

all or none
from the slums
thats that shyt
the d
the reunion
the consolidation
this is for you
cold in the d
get it together

...all i can think of

Praverb said...

All or Nothing
The Whole City Behind Us (could be a reference to the D or an extended reference to the fans in general)
Triangle Offense (could be used to describe how you, Elzhi, and Baatin feed off one another)
III D or III Dimensional
The Essence of 96'

b-Bell84 said...

Yo what's up it's good that ya'll getting the gang back together and giving us that sound that we all love thats from "the motor mitten". The title I have is "The Return of Conant Gardens Gang". Just basically saying ya'll getting back to essence of what made ya'll love this thing we call Hip-Hop.

Anonymous said...

What up T3?

Man, I'm usually "the title man " when it comes to titles, but it was kinda hard thinking of one for ya'll.

Thinking about Baatin being back in SV, how much ya'll reflect the D to me and how much ya'll mean to Detroit Hiphop...the economy, and thinking back to when times were a little more stable in the D, one thing that everybody had in common was a family member that worked at THE BIG THREE. With some people thinking... can SV do it again? ya'll got the trinity back, its like the restoration of what made this city Mo Town..which were The Big Three.


Phoom said...

Hey T3,

Got to check you out when you guys came through to Melbourne Australia last year, definately up there as one of the best live gigs I've been too, you guys played all the tracks I wanted to here, especially "Closer"... As far as titles go, I think "Closer" could be a perfect fit.

Closer to your fans, Closer to your teammates (Elzhi and B)... Closer to your people... Your Family... Your President... Maybe you could get Dwele in again to do a Closer 2009 remix or something.

Just my idea, would love to hear what you think. Big fan, come back Downunder I've told everyone what they missed last time you guys came and they will all be there for the next show.

Anonymous said...

you take it as a rebirth call it "THE FANTASTIC"

Governor Slugwell said...

Villa Manifestio??!!

I guess...

Nicholas said...

i think ya'll should call it "Together again with all forces"