Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Its 09' Time to Give Back!!!!

New president is a Black prez.. This year I'm expecting big things for young America .. I believe we need to go back to going forward meaning those old qualities such as trust , brotherhood , and a since of responsibility... I know it can come off kind of lame.. But that's the vibe in the air for 09 .. . Seeing Barak makes me want to do better and be better... It's just time for as us to give back.. Starting with me . I'm volunteering to help the homeless and homeless kids. Creating a program called Slum Kid(R) . Where we work on bring the arts back to public schools because a child that's busy doesn't have to time to get into trouble.. I would luv to hear your thoughts on how u want to give back in 09'


Salvador said...

I am living in Kalamazoo, I host my own radio show, Its called "The Conscience Block." I am with you. Seeing this man take office should give people a sense of purpose, and fulfillment. Anything you may need, just say the word. Again, I'm with you.

Dj Cab0
The Conscience Block
WIDR FM 89.1
Kzoo, mitten

Governor Slugwell said...

There It Is!
I see Dj Cabo in the spot!
We "The HipHop Coalition" have a program called "Victory Over The Streets" for males ages 8-18,We focus on building Character,discipline and self-esteem by teaching life-skills that show them how to turn the obstacles and temptations that they face on a daily basis into positive results that will help young people in general to achieve victory over negative circumstances, conditions and people. We offer a similar program for Young Ladies called " Ladies 1st" Children take alot away from these session's when they are headed by people they deem to be cool..HipHoppa's!