Thursday, December 18, 2008

GOT BEATS???????

let's talk about beats.....okay when I was coming up making beats under the late great Jdilla we kept things simple with only a few tools... scripture was our master piece. The main tools of choice was turntables ,mpc 3000, records , and sometimes the trusty sp 1200 which only had 13 seconds of sampling time .. You pulled that out only when you wanted those crunchy drums like I did on the Trinity album on "Disco"...most producers today flip beats on computer programs like fruity loops, reason and many others.. and now a days even the art of record digging isn't as sacred as it use to be with producers getting samples from blog sites and even itunes...don't get get me wrong I'm not mad at the new Millennium approach to beat making cause some of my favorite producers have made great music using these new tools.. Shit, six years ago I couldn't make beats on a plane but now the options are endless ... I feel a little nostalgic so I prefer to use a little of the old with the new ... So the question I got for y'all producers out there ..Some of you who are new to the process and other old heads... What are the new tricks of trade, and are you familar with these old school tools that I came up on....What's your choice??? -T3

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wii FIT ANYONE????????

Wii fit? With all the people I've lost in the last five years I guess I found my comfort through food, family,friends and music ....Five years of not caring what I eat with little to no exercise covered with a haze of depression...But, now through a renewed strength from RL senior it's time for MR. III to shed the pounds...Yes people , with my new luv for music I also feel a new  luv for self. So starting today I'm setting my goal lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle plus I don't want to look crazy in new slum videos.... It will take some time but by next summer I should be good.. You wouldn't believe I used to be an all veggie man and weight 165lbs.... and being a vegetarian can help in weight loss but also promote weight gain if not done properly... To be a true a vegetarian you must eat lots of fruits , veggie, grains, beans, and such and I started out that way,but started eating way too many starches and sometimes only starches and thats nothing but fat... any how now days my diet consist of grill chicken or fish, veggies no red meat or pork... oatmeal in the morning a piece a of fruit... also a workout at least twice a day..... I will keep yall posted on my progress pray for me...t3

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Old Verses the New.....

                            in today's industry it seems to be an internal war between young cats coming up and OG's who have been doing their thing for a min. The Jay Z's vs. the Lil Waynes matter which side you choose it all seems to come in play when artists are trying to snag a major deal.... some labels only sign artists that have sold records before, while others are looking for fresh faces with some type of hype, new appeal or endorsements from someone already in the game...  So, where do we stand in this war ....Well, I guess we would be OG's . But at this stage I feel we are starting fresh..yes we have sold a few a albums here and there but we have also been on a 3 1/2 year hiatus..... so that means plenty of grass roots marketing, song leaks to get the OG fans back listening again and trying to create a buzz for the new fans to be interested...  this is exciting as it is frustrating trying prove yourself to everyone that you still got it....But, in this industry you gotta have tough skin with the will to match. I feel we are up for the challenge , being a native Detroiter we have tough skin, a hard work ethic and know about being an underdog!. There was no support for us from the get go...It was a lot of Self-determination.  Thanks to all those have supported and for those who haven't, it's all encouragement. Time to make way for the New OG's.......

Sunday, December 7, 2008

His Legacy Lives On.....

Today was the passing of a great man, R.L. Altman, that none of you know unless you know me personally. It was my late great grandfather, who raised me like a Father on the East Side of Detroit in Conant Gardens. He took me in after the passing of my mother. He was a a Navy Man, A Mason, a great cook, a Hunter, an entrepreneur as he owned his own video store, had a cabin up north and always had a great spirit. I'll miss him, he was my grand dad. And now, I'm the last one to hold down the R.L. name. He was Sr,my dad was the second, who passed a few years ago, and I am RL III. But, I feel like I have so much to do yet in my life to continue his legacy. It's a weird thing losing loved ones and friends. The sad thing is that my granfather has moved on, but the good thing is that he had a chance to live a full long life. Losing friends at this age, can be much more difficult. So, today marked a day of great sadness but what happens at funerals is a reunion of family members that makes us stop and appreciate the loved ones we still have. I hope to be better at keeping in touch with my family and friends and not waiting until weddings or funerals to get together. So, as it is the Holiday season I ask all to take the time to spend with family and friends because you never know how long they're going to be here. And whatever you're trying to do... DO it today, because you never know how long you'll be here. Peace,T3

Friday, December 5, 2008

5 Ela Re-upload I jacked T3's Blog hahaahaha

Whats good People's T3 didnt log out his blog so i decided to re-upload the (demo version) hahahah i have to take it down by Sat 12am before T gets back ! here ya go

holla @ ya boy
Scrap Dirty
Barak Rec/Violator

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Underground Rap 101

(Photo By akme ) Glasgow
Underground Rap 101To make it in the underground, itAdd Image usually means starting by getting buzz through an emcee battle, a mixtape, local radio show buzz or basically word-of-mouth interest.Then the next big opportunity is to do shows in your area and also start relationships with fans through the internet. This is a Digital age people, the Myspace age. Unlike when I came into the game. I mean I had to make sure I got my cassette tape in the right hands at the right time. Not quite from the 8-track age, but damn near. LOL! You know the story of how Slum came to be, right? Well, We got our tape in the hands Q-tip through Amp Fiddler, and that's how JDilla got on as a producer and started out with the Ummah. At that time, Tip wasn't really feelin the Slum Vibe, he was all about the beats. Then years later, like 4, we started making a name for ourselves but needed something to spur interest in the group on a national level. So we got inspired at the Detroit Hip-Hop Shop. Proof's group, 5Ela was in the store bragging about their new tape that was coming out, of which James Yancey aka J Dilla had produced all the tracks by the way. And, we felt like Damn, what's up with our tape? What are we doing. So, we decided that it was time to make our own album, better known as Fantastic Volume 1 . So, We rounded the gang up, slept in Jd's basement and finished a 22 track album with some of the greatest hip-hop beats of all time in a week. Classic. Then, we gave it to Q-tip and played ou stuff again and this time he loved it. Then that tape made rounds through the Roots crew, D'angelo, Common, and the rst is histrory. It's all about timing folks. They say Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet. That's what it takes to be successful in this biz. The next step is to decide what works for you, staying on the Underground level, which can be profitable with a lot of hustle. Or, making that crossover leap...Good Luck.Listen to this unreleased remix called "5Ela" it was Slum Village, 5ela and Frank featured on the song. Here's a little SV trivia. We were really lazy on our song titles some times or what we called just being "Cheap" the 5Ela song is that because we rapped with 5Ela. Then we got the Phat kat song on Vol.1, cuz we rapped with Phat Kat. We should of called Hold Tight, the Q-Tip song, but we started getting more creative on titles by Vol. 2.

Treats:This will only stay up until Thursday so u better check it now! (5ELA)
U have to be fast People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahah
Aw by the way it maybe Wed in USA what makes u think im there....llllololooloo