Sunday, November 30, 2008

T3's Movie Review Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace... 3 Bowls of Honey CombsNow, I think the movie was action packed from start to finish and it kept me on the edge of my seat. As soon as the movie comes on there's a car chase that's crazy. He was chasing cars, planes and boats.He was really getting it in. I think I would have just let some of the bad guys go, he was doing some crazy climbing in the Siena Italy scene. This 007 is crazy, he broke a rib shootin this movie. So, for that alone I give him some props!But, this babe doesn't quite compare with Halle Berry and I couldn't quite figure out what was up with her back, it looked like she had some exotic rash. I guess it was supposed to be a burn but I really didn't like it. It distracted me from her beauty. Don't do the exotic rashes on 007 babes anymore.All in all it's a good date movie, if you and your girl like action.T3's Movie Scale - it's all about Cereals:1 Bowl of Fruit Loops= Bad2 Bowls of Rice Krispies=OK3 Bowls of Honey Combs=Good4 Bowls of Frosted Flakes=Pretty Damn Good5 Bowls of Captain Crunch=Classic

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Lesley said...

still haven't seen this yet, but thanks for the review!! and ummmm where the hell is the cinammon toast crunch!? LOL