Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Svilla coming through for ‘09

For the last 2 weeks the plan has been set in motion for a NEW Slum project…Finally. I feel like I’m in the Blues Brothas movie trying to get my band back together.
Everybody had their projects or own agenda, which is cool, but we make the best music together as a unit. The first thing was to get BAATIN, check on him and visit the old neighborhood –Conant Gardens. He’s looking good ready to work so we been hangin out. I had to pull Elzhi off the road cuz he’s been touring from his solo joint and on top of that I had to chill out from my album which is 85% complete and then find the producers that we work with to get motivated again. I feel like the economy depressed everybody, but the new administration has inspired all to get going again. Seriously, it feels like a scene straight out of the Blues Brothas.

Nonetheless, we got 5 new songs that I’m lovin right now. It’s been a long time since I truly felt music. Since JDilla passed, Proof left, I haven’t really been in the zone, but I’m excited, I’m enthusiastic, I feel like we got it again…Let’s Go.


Myrna said...

I'm soooooooooo excited for this!!! I truly do care about ya'll making this project happen...Ya'll are a legendary part of Hip Hop and people need to understand that and remember that shit as well...Huge Fan...BUT NOT A GROUPIE!!! LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I had to be funny ;O) LOL


Ms.N.Chickee said...

Your blog is really nice. I like how you write. Looking forward to buying your album.

kelly said...

thats what i'm talkin' bout bro.


ladytinc said...

Word!!! The foundation was created years ago and now, you all have the opportunity to continue building on it. I love ya'll and I wish nothing but peace, love and success.

Much respect from your ODR fam :)

Praverb said...

Thank you T3...the world needs another SV love