Tuesday, November 18, 2008

T3 SLUM & Beyond

(Blog post Myspace Aug 6,2008)

Damn! Writing a blog is just as hard as finishing an album. That's why I haven't blogged in a while. I'm going to try and make it a weekly thing though, so I can keep in touch with my folks.So what's been going on with me, Slum, and beyond...well, El's dropping an album next week and I think it's gonna be crazy. Slum......we've been recording here and there, putting some ideas down, and even working with Baatin on a couple joints. So I'm expecting great things for that album when it comes out (whenever that is- If all goes well, we're lookin at early next year).Now, for MY project, I've decided to go a lot darker with my approach. This album is inspired by the TV show Night Gallery, produced and written by Rod Serling. In the show, each episode is about a twisted tale based on a painting in the gallery (just to give you some background). The 1st single is called "Monsters Under My Bed," produced by me. Shootin a video for it probably in the next month. The concept is about haters, but really its just me rappin and havin fun on the track....hoping not to get sued for the sample. I'm also working with producers like Black Milk, Waajeed, and a couple up and coming producers like my boy Howard (used to be the ORIGINAL Slum's DJ).In addition to that......*drum roll*....I'm considering making a move to NYC. What's your thoughts? LA or NY? Let me know where and why.....

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