Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wii FIT ANYONE????????

Wii fit? With all the people I've lost in the last five years I guess I found my comfort through food, family,friends and music ....Five years of not caring what I eat with little to no exercise covered with a haze of depression...But, now through a renewed strength from RL senior it's time for MR. III to shed the pounds...Yes people , with my new luv for music I also feel a new  luv for self. So starting today I'm setting my goal lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle plus I don't want to look crazy in new slum videos.... It will take some time but by next summer I should be good.. You wouldn't believe I used to be an all veggie man and weight 165lbs.... and being a vegetarian can help in weight loss but also promote weight gain if not done properly... To be a true a vegetarian you must eat lots of fruits , veggie, grains, beans, and such and I started out that way,but started eating way too many starches and sometimes only starches and thats nothing but fat... any how now days my diet consist of grill chicken or fish, veggies no red meat or pork... oatmeal in the morning a piece a of fruit... also a workout at least twice a day..... I will keep yall posted on my progress pray for me...t3

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