Sunday, November 23, 2008

T3's take's it back oldschool RIP BREED

I've been looking through old records and old SV lost Demos. I remembered I converted from cassette to mp3 a couple of unreleased hits from back in the day. You can get a taste from true vintage circa 1990's SV, when we were all about characters, alter egos and acting on songs...the good old days. So to the people on this site you got to judge it in the right mind frame, think being original before other's were rapping as characters, think pre-MF Doom era. So don't listen with 2008 ears, think original and ahead of it's time. Listen, like it or not, it was creative! -T3 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A Detroit legend gone... On Nov. 22 Detroit lost another pioneer of Rap music, MC Breed. He passed away much too early in his life. You know all of the hits like Aint no future in your frontin, Gotta get yours Gotta get mine w/Tupac...He was a Detroit emcee that got National acclaim and was known across the country much beyond the Detroit/Flint borders. We had a chance to work with MC Breed on the Detroit Deli album. That album was all about giving people a taste of Detroit, so we looked to work with Detroit greats on that album. Breed was featured on Do You, It's on, and a few other joints.It's a definite sadness to lose a peer, a friend, and another young man from the "D". Breed- we'll miss you. I'm glad we had a chance to work together and vibe. My blessings go out to the family. One love from Slum Village and T3.
Drop the Drums.mp3


Hubert said...


Yo, y'all holdin'... this is the illness.

Ay, do you want to get this viral treatment? I'm about to blog this, but I can forward it to some of the heavy spots.

N.E.Style said...
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N.E.Style said...

Damn so much death comin around lately, theres been shootins in the mall here in seattle and at night clubs...its like people cant enjoy being young or youthful anymore, even with all the sickness we are suffering to it seems...but yeah RIP Breed, classic music indeed, and hey good stuff on the blog so far ill stay posted.

if you havent peep out my myspace

thanx and much love to the slum

mista ecks said...

that shit is fish grease right there!

I'm wondering what else you got in the archives.

keep holdin' it down for the D.

RIP Dilla, Proof and Breed.

cosmobaker said...

Hubert thanks for hipping me to this and T3 good looking out for posting this (and for playing at my birthday party in Philly back in 2000...)

tbe said...


Anonymous said...

What Up T3.

Damn That Shit Took Me Back To The Late 80's Early 90's Right There. A Feeling Of Nostalgia Came Over Me.

I Was Doing The Uptown Stomp Out This Bitch. LOL.

Good Looking For That. I Always Love To Hear Some Old Joints That Take Me back.

Yo.. T3. Hope To See The Whole Squad Get Back To Together For A New Slum Village Album. Baatin Included.

All The Slum Village Albums Are Classic To Me. First Three Albums When They Came Out Played Them Joints Religiously.

Can't wait For The New Album. Stay Doing That Raw Detroit Hip Hop. That Head Nodding Shit.

Oooone! Oooone!

Unknown said...

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jennifer said...

T3's take's it back oldschool RIP BREED <-- that's what i was looking for
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